Certification of Sickness

Below is our advice about certification of sickness or doctors notes for employers:

  • You do not normally need a doctor's certificate for the first seven days of illness
  • The Statutory Sick Pay Regulations state that employers are required to accept self-certification notes (filled in by you) for the first seven days of illness. These should be available from your employer or you can download the Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) Employee's statement of sickness from the HM Revenue & Customs website.

All employers must comply with these regulations.

  • If you take up to SEVEN DAYS because you not well enough to attend work, then you must fill in a self-certificate.
  • Anything OVER SEVEN DAYS means you will need a doctor's certificate and will need to visit a Doctor to acquire this.

Please note: we can only issue Doctor's certificates to patients who are registered with Hawthorn Medical Centre. We cannot issue Doctor's certificates to Walk In patients. Walk In patients will need to visit their own GP to get a Doctor’s certificate.

Private Sick Notes

Some employers or insurance schemes may ask you to provide a private sick note. There will be a fee if you require a private note for the first seven days of your illness. However, we would normally expect your employer to cover this cost for you as doctor's notes are not normally required for the first week of any illness.

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